Rescue Dog Loves To Recycle | The Dodo

Rescue Dog Loves To Recycle | The Dodo
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Rescue Dog Loves To Recycle | This good boy cares about the environment! Special thanks to Ellie Phillips for sharing this adorable video with us! If you’d like to share your awesome animal videos with us, you can submit them here:

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  1. My alarm dog Lucy is kind of a recycler. She shreds everything in her grasp to pieces. I can't let her see this see may want to start a union. LOL.

  2. isn't the blue recycling bin just for bottles, plastics, cans, and cartons tho and then the green one is for paper and cardboard? Or is it different in the UK?

  3. It's sooo swwet how they love to carry things in their mouth, be it the newspaper, a bag of fresh rolls from the baker's, or recycling. Aww, I just want to hug him!

  4. Wow, Charlie! At least someone on this earth helps with recycling. That being a dog is even better. There are so many litterers out there and seeing Charlie help to recycle just makes me smile??????

  5. Dogs are so wonderful, and they are so eager to please us! Thank you so much for showing us Charlie, who delights in helping his human recycle, tail wagging throughout!

  6. Ke gracioso el perro ke sabe aser los keaseres de casa lo voy a traer ala mia aber si me ayuda ke mi perra es una baga animales simpaticos

  7. Awww Charlie you are a good boy !He is recycling all the stuff at home and i truly admire a dog like him.Charlie i will start my recycling too and thank you so much.!!?❤?

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