Bhutan Travel and Food – HUGE Burger in Thimphu! (Day 4)

Bhutan Travel and Food - HUGE Burger in Thimphu! (Day 4)
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On Day 4 of our Bhutan travel and food trip, we had an amazing burger and then watched a Bhutan football game.

Coffee Culture – One of the best cafes in central Thimphu, Bhutan is called Coffee Culture, and along with coffee they serve some pretty good food. What I loved the most was their cheese filled momos.

Cloud 9 Gourmet Burgers – One of the things that surprised me about Thimphu is how much international food and restaurants there are even for such a small town. Cloud 9 Gourmet Burgers specializes in burgers and I had a huge burger that was pretty impressive. It was awesome.

By luck, Bhutan had a World Cup qualifying match, and so we had the honor to attend. It was amazing to see the energy and culture of attending a game in Bhutan.


It was an honor to be invited by MyBhutan to visit Bhutan to explore Bhutanese food and culture. Thank you to MyBhutan Productions for making my trip and this video possible!

Do you want to explore Bhutanese cuisine in Bhutan? Go to to book your exclusive food tour with MyBhutan.

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  1. Had a real long day at work today but watching Mark's face with his eyes popping wide as he took the first bite of that massive burger made my day! Thank you Mark!!

  2. Bhutan is totaly diferent from rest of region and whole Asia.
    I am very very positive suprised, it looks like small Switzerland.
    Clean, buildings are new and fresh painted, everything is on mountians, no to mutch people, no mess like in India,China or Pakistan, weather is nice, not to mutch hot and not to mutch could, no tropical conditions like in Vietnam, India.
    I like buildings and stadium style.
    Totaly different country, different place from another world.

  3. Hey Mark, I like watching your documentaries. I have one question though……Don't you get acid reflux from all the hot ,spicy and fried food you eat? How do you prevent acidity/tummy ache?thanks

  4. Oh Mark for goodness sake you're making me crazy eating this wonderful food, that chocolate sauce coming out of that pudding was Sooooooo good… Yum yum and that burger was the best ever seen Paula 64 in the uk

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