ROAD RAGE USA – BAD DRIVERS USA, CANADA – North American Driving Fails 2017 #25

ROAD RAGE USA - BAD DRIVERS USA, CANADA - North American Driving Fails 2017 #25
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ROAD RAGE USA – BAD DRIVERS USA, CANADA – North American Driving Fails 2017 #25 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. I’ll never understand why people’s first thought when they think someone has done something wrong while driving is to be a complete A hole and not let them pass or brake check. Someone could be seriously injured or worse because someone felt like getting some revenge.

  2. Road raged people purposefully break check or hit semis in minor collisions because they know it can cost them their job. Many trucking companies will literally fire you for being in an accident regardless of who’s at fault.

  3. Funny how the one driver makes a call to 911 to report another driver while he flies down the highway talking on the phone to 911….
    Um, distracted driving includes talking on the phone while driving idiot

  4. Don't be a hero and chase someone at high speeds!..You are not a cop,and no warning lights,or sirens to get others attention.Stupid fucks like you are why innocent drivers get killed!.You only made yourself as bad as the hit and run driver you are saying is so wrong and need to catch him.Hope you showed the cops the video and got charged and lost your license!..Some people should be tagged and a open season for us to hunt them for being stupid af!!!!.Just to erase those risking others lives by their stupidity!.

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