Near Death Experience Captured by GoPro Compilation Vol.3

Near Death Experience Captured by GoPro Compilation Vol.3
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Close calls near death captured on video Part .3

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  1. 2:35 people assume when you hit a gas station it will explode but the gas is stored underneath the gas station so it would take a drill to explode a gas station…

  2. That cop didn't have her lights on to help alert drivers that a car was stopped in the fast lane. The news was describing her like she was a hero……

  3. 4:00 This kind of thing boggles my mind. How can you grow up to an adult age without developing the habit of looking left and right whenever your foot touches the road? Heck, I even look backwards when I switch sides on the sidewalk in case there is a cyclist behind me.

  4. wooww…Great! Video and Awesome Content….
    I subbed your channel..and also like your video..
    please.. check out my channel and sub me back!…
    Keep It Up!!!

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