Near Deaths Captured On GoPro – Reaction

Near Deaths Captured On GoPro - Reaction
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  1. The first one happens to my dad a few years ago but he got tangled later and hit the ground he’s ok now but he has like I think 14 surgery’s on his foot the only thing that attached his legs and his foot was some torn tissue

  2. My dad was a special ops in the Air Force and he went skydiving from approximately 8,000 ft. This was his 32 jumps out of the 83 jumps he did so far in his life. So he jumps like always gets to the recommended gift to release the parichute and only half of it comes out he tries to get the second one to work but it was son tangled and he was falling to fast to be able to fix it he was almost positive he was gonna die. He blacked out, according to his captain or leader whatever you want to call it he fell to the ground hit on his side while going 40 ish mph. He woke up a few hours later having a couple broken ribs sprained almost every big muscle/ bones in his body. To this day he still has neck rib and spine issues but still somehow is very active. If he landed any other possible way he would be dead I wouldn’t be here it would be a horrible life without my best buddy aka father

  3. My grandpa was a paratrooper in world war II and he said if u ever go parachuteing and your chute gets tangled to be calm asf and try to not freak out as your untangling it

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