Destroyed in seconds #882

Destroyed in seconds #882
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Destroyed in seconds #882 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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The best collection of car video caught on Dash Cam from around the world. On this channel you will find a large selection of videos on various topics of car: idiot drivers, road rage, driving fails, close calls, instant karma, and many other collections. All pleasant viewing! Recent compilations every day!.

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  1. 6:50 was a dumbass, why walk and then just stop and stand right behind a vehicle about to back out? Seriously? That shit was his own fault. Then gonna fall to the ground they he got literally ran over by the truck.

  2. The number one occupation in all the cities shown is, vehicle body repair. When coming into these cities, a sigh awaits them. It reads, "Welcome stupid drivers"

  3. What's this crap? There shouldn't be any dumb little fender benders in a video titled "Destroyed in Seconds." There's at least one clip here were there isn't even a collision.

  4. I have watched many of your videos. My 12 yo grandsons have been watching with me; both their comments were that these drivers would rather wreck than slow down and give a little courtesy to those who need to change lanes. Others seemingly have plenty time to slow down to prevent an accident, but would rather hit someone than slow down. They won't get where they wanted to go quickly now! What a bunch of idiots. I don't know what the requirements of a driver's license is in these places, but obviously these folks need a refresher course! Stay safe out there!

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