Hood fights (Girl fight) New)Laurel MS Hood Fights Crazy 2018

Hood fights (Girl fight) New)Laurel MS Hood Fights Crazy 2018
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Hood fights, girls fighting, worldstar fights, street fights, fighting, worldstar,girls fights, fighting,Please stop the violence!!!! This is me bringing awareness to the problems going on in our neighborhoods!!! VIEWERS discretion is advised!!! Like comment and subscribe!!! WORLDSTAR!! Cat fight!! Girl fights! Hood fight 2018

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  1. So we all whom ever is watching or watched this fight waited 2 minutes and 7 seconds to watch 2 girls the same size fight each other….for what doe….all the shit sounds childish thb

  2. Yall, slim beat BOTH they ass. The big girl ran up and got hit with a quick 2 piece, realized slim fight fight, and started pulling hair. Lmaaoo. Size aint always the defining factor.

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