A Taste of Yangon, Burma (Myanmar) – Burmese Street Food Video

A Taste of Yangon, Burma (Myanmar) - Burmese Street Food Video
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Eating delicious Burmese street food is one of the best things to do around the amazing city of Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma).

Watch as Migration Mark travels around Yangon and discovers a world of street food and interesting sites.

From the Shwedagon Pagoda to dining on tasty tea leaf salad, Yangon is an incredible city to visit that offers an incredible array of tasty cuisine.

For more tasty Burmese street food, check out the mouth-watering photo guide to Yangon’s food: http://migrationology.com/2011/05/burmese-cuisine-food-bite-of-burma/


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  1. hi mark .wish to visit again to Myanmar , there a lot food u never experience at that since, like Shan noodle ,nan Gyi toke, Shwe taung kaut swal,kaw yae'n kout swae and also 19th street china bbq.wish to see you brother I am your big fan from Myanmarsiince 2011. min ga lar par or swa wa Thi ka . 🙂

  2. When i saw first movie you was without hair , how long your hair growth. I like your taste and enjoy the food. God bless you and I will waiting for another one

  3. I've watched nearly ALL of your excellent videos, and each and every time I wish I could jump on an airplane and join you, the food looks so delicious. But of all your travels, I would venture a guess that Burmese food is without a doubt the WORSE FOOD of any country you've been to so far. The dishes even LOOKED unappetizing, with bland and uninteresting ingredients, and even worse presentations. Even that green market you briefly showed look like what was left of a bad tailgate party after a hurricane.

    I'd love to enjoy the cuisine of Thailand, and Vietnam, and China, and Rome, and virtually everywhere else you've taken us, but after watching this, Burma would be the absolute LAST place on earth I'd care to visit, let alone partake of their indigenous cuisine. Perhaps this is what happens when you've been under a corrupt and suppressive regime for so long, but I'd cross this entire country totally off my list of places to visit. Too much bad mojo.

  4. I am new to your channel and that is because I'm visiting Yangon soon.. then i found myself watching your other videos. You are living a great life, the life that i want to live. Great job!

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