Worst Natural Disasters in Human History

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What are the worst disasters that ever happened!?!
Our planet is a living planet, and the only known celestial body to have both a fully functioning climate system and active plate tectonics. But all that moving and shaking makes the Earth a potentially dangerous place to call home, and natural disasters are an unfortunate but inevitable part of life for any species that calls our blue marble home.
Evolving about 100,000 years ago, modern man has barely been around for but a blink of an eye of the earth’s history, and while we’ve been spared some of the greatest catastrophes to ever rock the planet, we’ve faced our share of natural disasters.
Hello and welcome to another episode of The Infographics Show- today we’re taking a look a the worst natural disasters in human history.

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  1. Number 10 was not natural at all …the chinese were losing ground to another army ( cant remember) and blew up some key danms purposely to buy themselves time …

  2. I mean the tornado ef5 on tornado ally withch I don't live there got some a lot of people ingerd or d- nooo! Egypt it died before I was borned in Egypt at least is still alive

  3. I’ve been through a couple of hurricanes. I know it’s not quite as dangerous as a major earthquake or tsunami, however damaging all the same. In the aftermath, it always amazes me how communities pull together and take care of one another. Younger able-bodied adults look in on seniors, food and other resources get shared. We humans are a pretty amazing species on the whole.

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