Women Road Rage 2016 (Bad Woman Drivers Compilation)

Women Road Rage 2016 (Bad Woman Drivers Compilation)
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Women Road Rage 2016 (Bad Woman Drivers Compilation)
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  1. There us a fucking brake for a reason, i dont know why so many women that get involved in accidents just cannot step on the brake…. Must they press the gas pedal all the time, ending up in an accident even when they can avoid it by stopping and reversing…

  2. LMAO "i have a sign on glass saying i cant reverse"….jesus christ, the ammount of these videos i have seen from russian every woman says the cant drive backwards, that statement alone should get their lisences taken away!

  3. Ни девушки ни женщины за руль никогда не садятся – это не принято . Катаются только девки и бабы .

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