Caught On Tape: Animal Trainer Fights Life After Tiger Attack | World News Tonight | ABC News

Caught On Tape: Animal Trainer Fights Life After Tiger Attack | World News Tonight | ABC News
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Veteran animal trainer fights for his life after a tiger attacked him during a training exercise.
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  1. I don't feel bad for the trainer.This is their own fault for underestimating the power of such animals.Lions and tigers should be in the wild not some prop in zoo for people to gawk at.
    Go get em tiger !

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  3. Serves him right. Tiger belongs in the wild and NOT locked up. Hope the tiger kills the next man who thinks it's play time.

  4. Reading the comments here I see a lot of simplictic ones with a distinct "holier than thou" tones that finger wag and even chastise someone who's just gone through a terrible time. "they're wild animals and should be in the wild…" Really? Ya think so? Maybe think again know it all. Cause last time I checked these animals and many many more WEREN'T SAFE in the wild. In fact they were critically endangered in the wild and without captive protection would already be or very soon be extinct. Forever. I don't know why that tiger attacked that trainer and neither does anyone else so anthropormorphizing(the term for attaching human behavioral traits to animal ones to incorrectly explain their meaning. *keyword: INCORRECTLY) isn't explaining anything. sadly these things sometimes happen to the people who work with such animals while preserving the species and preventing them from disappearing from the world human beings have almost pushed them out of. Think of THAT before "serves them right" and have some compassion for someone who's fighting for their life. Geez.

  5. Hey can you show that part with a animal bit his neck and his arm pregnancy what animal would do a wild animal does when you enslave them. I think they should play fucking games with you where you can make money and they can be treated and be changed. Funny I can't see a problem with that is sleeping animal torturing them and make them do dumbass tricks. The training was a dumb son of a bitch in that line did with a lion does or tiger and I think it's a great thing I think that tiger should rip that fucking dudes arms off then he wouldn't be so goddamn stupid from work to getting up there and torture if I can handle and that's what they're doing they're torturing animal wild animals should be in the wild then you put yourself in slave them to play fucking games you deserve whatever you that lion does to you

  6. Tiger trainers ya. When will you asses realise they are called wild animals for a good reason. Even so called domestic dogs sometimes kill. So if you jerks want to be dinner for any wild animal don’t be surprised if you get your wish. I bet getting life insurance is a bastard. ?‍♂️?

  7. Why play with a wild animal that is designed specially to kill and weights 2-3 times more then humans? Then get shocked when they attack

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