WOW! MOST INSANE VERY CLOSE CALLS BEST COMPILATION Near Misses Cheating Death Everyone Survives!

WOW! MOST INSANE VERY CLOSE CALLS BEST COMPILATION Near Misses Cheating Death Everyone Survives!
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  1. the sad thing is that these are like the 5% who survive, that means this happens 19 times more than in this video and results in injury or death.

  2. People who run out in front of traffic or trams without looking deserve to be hit. That way only the strongest and smartest of us will survive. Also I ride a motorbike and the riders I saw in this are dick heads who need to have their licences revoked as the same road rules apply to bike riders as car drivers. Eg stopping at pedestrian crossing and traffic lights and driving at the speed limit

  3. 5:57 picture just freezes??? Wtf Idek whether to like or dislike this video now cause it was awesome content but dude..
    But jesus fucking christ some people deserve to have their legs amputated for being so retarded and running TOWARDS a speeding vehicle and running faster to make sure they're about to get hit like.. What the actual fuck is wrong with people? At least if Natural Selection worked and took them out then I'd be happy lol

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