Best of Bad Drivers and Road Rage 2018 – Daily Show #783 || CCTube

Best of Bad Drivers and Road Rage 2018 - Daily Show #783 || CCTube
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Best of Bad Drivers and Road Rage 2018 – Daily Show #783 || CCTube – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. I don't understand why people cut or get front of someone to make a turn. They were better off just getting behind you. Rather than slowing down the person going straight. Yesterday a lady sped up to cut me off to make a right turn despite the fact there was no one behind me. ?? Had to break hard. Thankfully I watch these videos they make me more aware of my surroundings…….she didn't even use a blinker… stupid lady.

  2. we all have our stupid moments now and then even cops can be idiots there not immune to stupidity but there supposed have the best training so then were asking why are these cops so stupid ? so there's your average stupid like you and me and then there's retarded stupid like these people

  3. 3:43 get out of the middle of the road lady. Love the casual walking without paying attention looking down at her cellphone and not walking directly to the other side of the road. That’s how you get hit. And I love the compassion she has for the guy that got hit as she returns to looking at her cellphone which is of course so much more important. ?

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