NEAR DEATH CAPTURED by GoPro compilation pt.2 [FailForceOne]

NEAR DEATH CAPTURED by GoPro compilation pt.2 [FailForceOne]
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Near death experiences and close calls captured by gopro pt.2
All this experiences are caught on action camera, people survived, even the basejumper from the last video.
In skydiving video guy had seizure.
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Near Death on GoPro:

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  1. We are all guilty of sin and should get what we deserve when we die, but God has sent His only begotten Son to die for us so that the fine for our sins is paid in full. Believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died for us on the cross so that you may have eternal life, and you will be saved!

    Read the Bible. It’s is so important!

  2. Kinda glad I can't afford to do any of these things at the moment. Makes me wonder if the death rate goes up when people get their tax returns

  3. I've watched this video a bunch but I gotta finally say it. Lol @2:18 by all means girl take your time not like a dudes life is literally hanging on the line. That you're taking you're time to give him.

  4. That guy climbing the ice is fucking crazy. If they didn’t give him that rope, or if he was like nah I’m good, he would have straight up died. Insane.

  5. I am totally addicted to your Near death Videos …. since then I stopped playing Horizon 4 for some time ROFL…. I hate you for this ….xD Keep them comming … I love watching people being even dumber than I am …which is incredibelly difficult to achieve…so congrats to this too …. LOOOOOL ps I hope that at least no animals had to die for your "Compilations"…..löl (indeed) Sometimes I love animals more than humans… not all , but SOME ….

  6. If Fail Force One has taught me anything, it's that the standards of parachute manufacturing and maintenance are woefully inadequate. Oh yeah, and stay away from snow.

  7. Those climbers sound so incompetent … do you have him on belay? Do you have him on belay? dO YoU hAvE hIm On BeLaY??? Fucking lives are at stake on the mountain go home n pet ur cats fuck

  8. I really don't know how white folks even are here….im white but from a mostly black area…so I have that mentality….im not doing any of that shit….not even getting into a ocean

  9. If your epileptic only parachute in tandem, this was incredibly stupid, even driving is deadly but this is just full tard

  10. Just flying along in my plane ….*THUMP*….what was that?…oh nothing just some ppl hit the wing….ok….just flying along in my plane

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