Shelter Dog Cries Until She Meets New Family + Other Happy Animal Rescues | The Dodo Top 5

Shelter Dog Cries Until She Meets New Family + Other Happy Animal Rescues | The Dodo Top 5
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Here are five animal stories that highlight people that helped animals get a a fresh start on life. For more info about these happy stories see the descriptions below.

Shelter Dog Couldn’t Stop Crying Until She Met These People | This shelter dog couldn’t stop crying — but she had NO IDEA she was about to meet her brand-new family| To help other dogs like Cinnamon find their forever home, you can support the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control: Follow them on Facebook for updates:

Baby Zebra With Broken Leg Runs Again | To sponsor Shaq’s ongoing care, you can support the Rhino Orphanage: Follow Jamie Traynor on Instagram:

Bush Babies Who Fell From Their Nest Are Safe With Rescuers Now
| To sponsor Tic and Tac’s ongoing care, you can support the Daktari Bush School and Wildlife Orphanage:

Elephant Is Finally Free After Giving Rides For 40 Years | To sponsor Priyanka’s ongoing recovery in her new home, you can support Wildlife SOS:

Hundreds Of Dogs Have Been Saved Because Of This Man | To help Michael rescue more dogs, you can support the Sound of Animals: Follow them on Facebook for updates:

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  1. EVERYONE of those VIDEOS was SOOOO PRECIOUS!!!! from the bottom of my soul THANK YOU to all those WONDERFUL WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!!!??? each and everyone of you have the purest ???? full of LOVE and KINDNESS GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!!!!!

  2. Michael in Southeast Asia is my hero I've read a few stories about him saw the video of the puppy that would not leave his lap that he saved from certain death this man I would compare to Mother Teresa he is taking care of the most helpless of God's creatures who are used for food horrible horrible dogs represent God 2 man dogs are one of the most wonderful gifts God has ever given us they save human lives doing rescues they are loving companions they love the disabled they only want to love and be loved what more could you ever ask from an animal

  3. Amazing individuals. So glad that all those dogs didn't end up on someone's plate. Instead they were rescued. By the way. Cute Zebra. Thanks for publishing The Dodo 🙂

  4. Dogs don't cry. The eyes watering is either because of allergies, blocked tea ducts, infections, scratched cornia or diet. Dogs don't have the ability to cry.

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