EXTREME Street Food in Bangladesh – WOW!!! WHOLE Fish BBQ Seafood + Street Food Tour of Old Dhaka!!!

EXTREME Street Food in Bangladesh - WOW!!! WHOLE Fish BBQ Seafood + Street Food Tour of Old Dhaka!!!
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EXTREME Street Food in Bangladesh – Check out https://ExpressVPN.com/thefoodranger for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! We’re going for a HUGE Street Food Tour of Old Dhaka and we’re bringing you DEEP into Old Dhaka for the Best Street Food in the WORLD! We’re having some AMAZING BBQ Fish, SPICY curry, and some of the BEST Seafood in the WORLD! AND, we’re bringing you for a full on Street Food tour of the BEST Street food in Bangladesh, with an AMAZING home cooked Bengali cuisine lunch!

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If you’re thinking about traveling to Bangladesh, DO IT! The street food in Dhaka and the street food in Bangladesh is some of the best in the world. We had the best time creating these food videos for you in Bangladesh and found everyone to be SUPER FRIENDLY! This Dhaka Food Tour video is full of AMAZING street food that you’re going to love, it’s gonna make you want to move to Bangladesh!

First up, we’re going for a Bangladeshi street food BREAKFAST in Old Dhaka, one of the best Chicken soups I’ve ever tasted, and a SPICY Dal curry that is full of energy! Here, you can get amazing naan bread and spicy curry for breakfast with all the locals for SUPER CHEAP. My breakfast cost less than 1$! AMAZING!

After that amazing street food breakfast in Old Dhaka, we are going for our second Bengali breakfast, with a little more dahl, mixed vegetables, and a semolina pudding in the back streets of Old Dhaka.

After this, we’re going to my buddy Shimon’s home for a HUGE Bengali HOME COOKED meal with his family! It was SO amazing! I am now fully convinced that Bengali cuisine is some of the best in the world! We had a ton of spicy curry, delicious ilish fish, one of the most famous seafoods to try in Bangladesh, and some Bangladeshi bhorta plates made with home style recipes! It was a HUGE Bengali lunch feast. What was even more impressive while making this food video was the amazing hospitality of all the people we met in Bangladesh. Everyone was so friendly and of course so proud of their delicious Bangladeshi food.

I love making these food travel videos for you and it’s because of being able to share these amazing street foods around the world and meeting friendly people that I do it. In Dhaka, we found everyone to be extremely friendly and interested in our food travel videos because everyone in Bangladesh loves food!

After the amazing home cooked Bangladeshi food meal with Shimon, we’re continuing on our full on food tour of Dhaka and exploring the outskirts of town to try a HUGE SEAFOOD BBQ stall at a local village market quite like a farmers market. This stall had a big variety of local seafood from Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a beautiful country full of delicious seafood and this stall had quite a big selection. They had red snapper, coral fish, local crabs, chicken tikka, and tandoori chicken, all put on top of the BBQ. I found the smoky flavour from the barbecue and the rich curry sauce on top of the fish we ordered to be the PERFECT flavour!

After this amazing local seafood at the farmers market, we continued our food tour and made our way deeper into the market to find a long alleyway PACKED with Bengali dessert shops. This was one of the most AMAZING dessert streets I’ve ever witnessed! So many varieties of Bengali desserts to choose from!

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  1. This video was filmed in Old Dhaka a little over 2 weeks ago. Just 2 days ago, there was a large fire through one of the areas near where we were shooting that claimed over 80 lives. Our deepest condolences to the families of those who passed. The entire country is going through mourning right now and we are saddened that something like this happened to such a beautiful and historically important part of Dhaka and to all the families as well. Sending lots of love to Bangladesh.

  2. Assalam-o-alaikum.
    I Loved your travel vlog about dhaka. Especially the family and the people there. It not only looked alot like homes and families in Lahore, but I also felt the similar family warmth and happiness. ❤❤❤ amazing people Ma'sha'Allah.
    Loved the food.
    I would love to have some of the bengali style recipes of the food that was served at home. Can anyone please help out? I wanna try them at home.
    Awesome warm people.
    I hope more travel vloggers visit Bangladesh so that I could see more people know about the culture and food more and more. ❤
    Love for all the loving people there ❤ and the country and their culture.

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