Ghetto Hood Fight Compilation #2

Ghetto Hood Fight Compilation #2
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disclaimer- I do not own any rights to any video or logo displayed, this is compilation of videos I found on the internet. Repost at your own risk .

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  1. If only Africa had more nets, they could prevent the senseless death of billions of mosquitoes who die every year of AIDS/HIV…

  2. That's what I'm talking about at 9:25 them dudes had a problem with each other they balled up their fists and fault it out then that dapped it up at the end that's how real men handle their disputes put them guns down and ball your fist up

  3. 0:54 make me so bad! Stupit asshole only fight when hè is already down! Come to the facking Netherlands Amsterdam Centrum you Will get a fight 1 VS 1 or i come to the usa i don't give a fight! Black magic box you know

  4. Everytime you search "fight" its a bunch of black people acting like animals. And they wonder why they get profiled. Haha always the black girl yelling "oh my gawwd" 10,000 times. Keep them in the inner city and let them rott.

  5. Ok so black people like to blame the white people for everything but here they are fighting and killing each other like ok if a white cop shoots a black person it's a big deal. but if a black person shoots a white person it's not. not racists but I mean it's the truth.

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