NEW Hood fight Compilation 2019 – read desc!!

NEW Hood fight Compilation 2019 - read desc!!
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these are the best hood fights of January 2019!

yo, I know this is a shitty video but it is what it is. In my next video make sure to read the desc, because it happens to be a giveaway. 100 SPOTIFY PREMIUM ACCOUNTS

peace out, O-Dog


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  1. I know some of yall will get pissed but fuck it why do black jump people.. Like they can't ever let it be 1 on 1.. I'm jus saying from these videos it hardly ever 1 on 1..

  2. Why the hell the person recording hiding behind everybody else instead of getting they ass out in the open the capture it right, wasting people damn time.

  3. Lol most of these comments…ignorant asf point fingers judging the black race but no one said a thing about the counter jumping white bitch in the restarunt?? But yet you mfs sat there nd watched just like the rest of who's more ignorant fr the ppl judging making racist comments?or the mfs who actually fighting?it's sad how it's a bunch of videos on here with all types of sizes nd race but you white ppl still turn a blind eye to the wrong that your own race is doing but will down another race to all the racist ass bitches with African jokes monkey jokes nd hood jokes stfu nd examine your own fucked up race before judging the next bc y'all don't have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out nd ppl with glass houses shouldn't throw stone's! Meanwhile white kid's out here shooting up ⛪ nd school's judge that shit you simple minded bitches!

  4. Black folk y'all FUCKING kill me with your stand it up bullshit. If homeboy can't keep the fight standing then Fuck him he gets to get a beating. As soon as one of yall's boys start to get lit about 6 of you sonsabitches force a stand up. Establish whatever rules before the fight if you doing that bullshit. But don't expect me to stop fighting and stand up. Na, I ain't with that. And y'all please stop the assaults when you got youngsters right there. Oh and if dude is already unconscious please restrain buckwheat and bae bae from continuing to stomp his face. Thanks
    Y'all need to DO BETTER out here do you feel me?

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