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  1. I don't know. Most of those comments were really tame compared real rage comments. Lame they aren't honoring the cast like they should anymore

  2. prison never makes sense to me. we fight so hard out here against segregation, yet inside there it's a basic rule to stay to your own. that's messed up. in prison there is so many rules and regulations to follow, yet they're in there because they couldn't follow rules. so confusing to me.

  3. Funny how no one else seems to realize that this guy told the most basic stereotypical "i became the king in the first day of prison" story. Like how is everyone so convinced? Lmao

  4. This proves people are racist inside. Why do we split up into race when our life depends on it or trapped in a cage and can't get out. It shows the true color of humanity. When it comes down to it. It's going to be a race war in the end. People just can't accept others for being different. I just don't get it..

  5. Racism is that widespread, Black people have the most men in prison on false charges. White racism never stops, and it is crazy that so many of them pretend it is both ways, and that is their excuse not to deal with all the racism they are spreading everywhere.

  6. Notice the black embraced him and was teaching him without hate in prison blacks not haters ….we embrace, our mistake , they hate

  7. If you made it to prison that means you went through County Jail, Prison Reception Center before you got there, someone should have already put you up on game.

  8. The story gets way crazier, the kite said the skinheads were gonna kill him for sitting with the wrong race & fighting his own & when the kite got to the black guy who taught him to play chess he warned him & it prepared him & he was able to save his life

  9. I was locked up and sent to FCI Florence in my 20s. I wasn’t a bad kid I just made a bad mistake following some “mentor” trying to be a entrepreneur and a “business owner” , my eyes were opened when I walked through the front doors of FCI.

    Throughout my stay there I met real monsters but I also met doctors, Harvard grads and individuals who were really geniuses ( not justifying what they did but really trying to paint a picture of the kind of individuals who are sent there). All I can say is, it’s a scary world out here and some of the most trustworthy individuals who gain trust from their peers or the general public are the most twisted.

    And whatever you do …. Please beg to not be sent to FCI

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