5 Free Solo Climbers Who Fell

5 Free Solo Climbers Who Fell
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Free solo climbing (climbing without ropes or any other safety equipment) has struck awe in onlookers around the world, with climbers like Alex Honnold daring to scale insane heights. On the other side, many free soloists have passed in pursuit of their passion for extreme sport. Here are a few of the most influential climbers who are sadly no longer with us. *No fatal falling footage is featured in this video.*

*In no way do I advocate anyone try any of the activities displayed in the video. Always climb with safety equipment.*

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  1. I found this whole video clip to be absurd The climbing community were shocked shocked when these guys fell to their deaths What is that some kind of a joke They climb up sheer cliffs With no safety precautions or ropes Risking death Idiots And so then they fall and they die Why are people shocked by that Can I tell human being to ridiculous

  2. Got your facts wrong on Dan Osman's death. Black diamond examined his ropes and concluded the weather was not the cause of failure but rope friction due to changing his jump angle.

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