I took home a lab test dog. Here’s what happened.

I took home a lab test dog. Here's what happened.
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I took home a lab test dog. Here’s what happened.

Check out this story: @beaglefreedomproject

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  1. If you think the squeaky toy made her happy, give her a chance to chase a rabbit or squirrel. You will see genuine canine fulfillment. Trust me.

  2. Wonderful save! Horrible that an animal is born in a lab without love for idiotic repetitive experiments. They live such short lives. They should be happy throughout their lives.

  3. She looks so much like our sweet Charlie whom we adopted in 2015 after I transported him to Puyallup, WA, and no one showed interest in him. He had been abandoned in the Midwest and was in foster care for 2 years with no nibbles. So, he made the journey to Washington State. He got to live the life of Riley for almost 5 years before he was finally tired and made the journey to the Rainbow Bridge on Valentine's Day, 2020. We have his ashes and some personal items – including a little stuffy that he liked and a blanket he slept on – and I open his memorial tin to enjoy his smell.❤❤❤

  4. I truly detest these wicked lab experiment people who torture all kinds of animals all in the name of 'for the good of mankind'. I am so glad you were able to rescue rose and the others. God bless you

  5. the sweetest animals they pick on ,these humans ,it's unforgivable what they have done to many beautiful animals making them sick and suffering they have to endure.it's disgusting.😮lovely dog.bless😊

  6. So sad thinking about what those lab dogs go through. And when you read about the 'research', aka TORTURE, Fauci foisted on them………some people aren't human.

  7. There's no telling what they have done to these poor animals. They need to stop. Like everything else the US does, it's overkill and cruel.

  8. We adopted a Beagle with a tattoo in her ear as a puppy. They tested food. How in the 21st century is this torture going on ? The government has to stop funding animal testing ! This is just MADNESS !!

  9. She's a beautiful girl 🥰 such soulful eyes 🥺
    Puppies are super cute I hope they each have a loving home forever 😊
    And Rose deserve the best home ever,I hope she found it 😍

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