The CRAZIEST Near Death Moments on The Internet…

The CRAZIEST Near Death Moments on The Internet...
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  1. Hey Nick!! You met my brother at one of the MFAM BBQs he’s got pictures with you and shit bro. Take care of yourself, take care of eachother, peace and love baby!! One question though….. English or Spanish?

  2. Nick says Que pasa only here on his second channel because he does not want his American buddies to know he speaks broken Spanish 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Just started getting 12 hour shifts this week and I’m exhausted as hell. Honestly as simple as these reaction vids from you make my day fr man 🔥

  4. Thanks for being normal Nick. So many weirdos and this is a place that feels comfortable and familiar. I appreciate you brother.

  5. The people surprised my the bike clip at start have seen nothing look up Isle of Man tt races with bikes going max speed through rural towns 😂

  6. Ever since my car was stolen I only daily my motorcycle and man… there’s at least 3 near death experiences on my go pro a day going to work. Philly is a wild place

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