Dog Can’t Stop Climbing On Trees | The Dodo

Dog Can't Stop Climbing On Trees | The Dodo
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Dog wakes up and climbs two trees every day 😅

Our producer, Anita talked to her parents about her daily climbing routine and what she sees on the other side of the fence!

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  1. She probably is in love with the neighboring dog and needs to see him, is why she climbs the tree. She gotta see her boo. lol

  2. You need a little kids jungle gym and some obstacles and bridges for her to train and play on. They have some pretty great tutorials online on how to build that stuff at a decent price too 🙂

  3. And then there's the cat that's watching the dog climb the tree and then the cat says what the F**K are my eyes lying to me dogs aren't supposed to be able to climb trees better come up with a new plan for escape next time maybe just go out the gate much easier than climbing a tree with a dog right behind

  4. My dad is blind in one eye, significantly impaired in the other, and that guy walks himself to the gym every day, exercises with our city's prosecutors to get all the goss, goes fishing with friends, has a full thriving garden. Not surprised at all that this dog can climb trees without both eyes!

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