Guy Meets His Soul Dog On The Battlefield In Afghanistan | The Dodo

Guy Meets His Soul Dog On The Battlefield In Afghanistan | The Dodo
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Guy meets his soul dog while in the middle of combat in Afghanistan — 13 years later, they are still obsessed with each other ❤️

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  1. Thank you for your service…but thank you for saving Fred! Though it seems more like he helped save you. War crushes so many, dogs and cats help us remember our humanity in such harsh situations. That you have made Fred such a part of your family, and given him such a glorious life…amazing!

  2. Dogs do NOT have a great life there, according to Taliban interpretation of Islam, dogs are unclean and they are not treated well. I donate to a woman from Tennessee who has lived in Kabul for years and is still there. She runs Kabul Small Animal Rescue and I donate to her. She takes in dogs, cats, and other small animals and cares for them, has Vets to treat them (sadly she had to let all her female employees go when the Taliban took over) and she arranges to get them flown out of the country through the UAE and into Europe and Canada. I believe they can come into the US through Canada but they cannot come in directly.

    She lost 250 of her animals when we left Afghanistan. They were at the airport, she had a plane to come to the US and was told at the last minute that was not going to happen and our military let them all loose at the airport and she managed to get back about 50. She isn't sure what happened to the others but you can bet it was not good.

    I am very glad that this man could keep his buddy, bring him home and love him and care for him.

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