The Dangers of Replacing Coil Springs on Your Vehicle – Full Clip

The Dangers of Replacing Coil Springs on Your Vehicle - Full Clip
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In this episode of Saturday Mechanic, Ben and Russ replace the coil springs on a viewer’s Mercedes-Benz. They also explain what happens when a coil spring compressor fails.

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  1. I used regular spring compressor when disassembled my w208 clk.l because I didn’t have the special tool yet. Then used the mb compressor when putting the coil spring on . I was easy to assemble the suspension when I used the mb compressor tool. But still dangerous. It would be better to loosen the control arm bolts in the back to have better clearance and to avoid using the prybar because prying the coil can make the compressing tool fail.

  2. The reason the spring compressor failed is that it wasn't fitted correctly into the spring, check at 12.33 the cut outs on the spring compressor plates need to be facing opposite to each other and NOT in the same direction

  3. Youtube algorithm scares me sometimes. I just did the exact same work on the very same car (mercedes w210) from the video using very similar tool. That spring compressor has a bad design.. the ones you can find these days does not have a slot it has a through hole and keyed slots for the top of the tool to engage and prevent slipping off like what happened in the video. Additionally, you only have to remove the shock absorber mount for w210 in case anyone is interested…

  4. they were supposed to loosen the 2 x22mm bolts first on the other end then slowly let the jack down i beleive ,very dangerous

  5. Alright, so just wondering. I'm a kinda new mechanic, just went out from mechanic school this summer so I don't really have that much experience. But I have however replaced the front springs on my W208 clk (I'm guessing it's a W210 in the video) so I don't think they differ that much if any in the front suspension. And from what I can remember I only used a transmission jack to hold the control arm to then lower it down and get the spring out, without any spring compressor and without any springs flying out. So was I lucky in that case or is there anything I don't understand? Seems kinda strange to me that the spring just flew out like that in the video.

  6. Having just come from watching your video on upgrading the shocks (on a Miata), it seems to me this situation could have been made much safer by using the spring compressor shown there, no? (Or would that have been untenable in this situation, because the shock-tower was still inside the vehicle?)

  7. Great Video! I had a question, My 2010 Mercedes CLS 219 had both its rear coil springs replaced recently as they were fractured. Following replacement, the rear ride height seems to be a few centimetres more than it was previously. Is this normal? In time, will the rear ride height go back to how it was on the old springs that were replaced? Many thanks in advance.

  8. I assume that this work was done gratis as part of the show. I feel that if the owner can afford the car she should be able to pay for the repairs. You have also given me another reason for not buying one – the complexity of their components. I'll stick with Toyota.

  9. If you set the plates properly within the coil, and compress as needed, those plates won’t move. They didn’t compress the spring enough, that’s why there was movement with the plate. Even when they reinstall the new coil, it’s barely compressed. Turns out maybe that was a good thing.😬

  10. These are real men. Even put a mistake on the video, as they are not insecure 2022 snowflakes, and as a teaching device that is still helpful 9 years later Bravo gentlemen.

  11. The dangers of improperly removing coil springs… if it were compressed properly then they wouldn’t have needed to pry on a loaded spring. This is painful to watch.

  12. This tool is useless for a 1976 toyota corona mark 2. Sure it compresses the spring and once you install the new spring and then unwind the compressor. It's a pain in the A to slide out the bottom where the shock comes out

  13. You can see the lower disc of the compression tool slipping at 9:33 when prying. Best not to pry or distort the spring assembly when pulling the unit out. Never risk your life, could be deadly. i would use a full enclosed bike helmet , if one doesn't have one, use safety goggles with face a shield when working on springs.

  14. "That should be just Happy Dappy …" — I love folks who try to vocalize positive thoughts when they have nooo idea what they are actually doing!!

  15. what is it with mercedes and rusty wings? you would of thought they would have improved this common problem but they never seem to have solved it?

  16. 12;00 "were experts"" hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man!

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