BREAKING NEWS: GOP Defense Bill Fails For The Second Time This Week, As Shutdown Edges Closer

BREAKING NEWS: GOP Defense Bill Fails For The Second Time This Week, As Shutdown Edges Closer
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The House failed to pass a rule to advance the GOP’s defense appropriations package again. Republican infighting over a continuing resolution has continued to stymie the body’s legislative efforts this week.

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  1. We've invested enough in Ukraine! Every time I turn around we are giving more money away and things are not getting done here! Put some of that money into Social Security instead of whining about it going broke every year! Its OUR money!! 😠

  2. So this means no handing money out to Ukraine. Now I know why he's in Canada guess his credit card over the limit. Stop taking your wife to Paris to shop . Try releasing reporters from jail along with church members and those politicians who would run against you if their was an election in your free country 😉.

  3. The bloated budget is a disgrace! The Inflation reduction plan did no such thing! As a teacher the title stated the main idea as in a newspaper headline. These expensive bills don’t even reflect what is intended in the bill. Nancy omnibus bill needs to be cancelled. Republicans voting for this need to be cancelled. We need more DINOsin government not RINOs!

  4. Something that looks really suspicious to me is that the repub's don't expel the RINO's.

    That gives me the impression that it's all one team, the RINO's take the blame and the repub's skate free with no consequences because they blame it all on the RINO's.
    The goal was to get the dirty work DONE, and they DID !

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