10 FAILED Car Inventions

10 FAILED Car Inventions
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The car industry is constantly innovating brilliant new ideas. But for every good invention, there’s an equally bad one. This is a list of car inventions that didn’t quite make the cut. Some of the inventions on this list are good in theory, and some are downright terrible. Plus, we even came up with an invention of our own! This is D-List!

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  1. Horses will take you offf a cliff if you tell them. A stubborn ass mule won’t listen to you if he feels unsafe about a cliff edge.

  2. 9:40 You are gonna show that they had Volkswagen beetles where you could flip the seats up in the back so the kids could be just on the floor board playing with toys no seat belts or anything?

  3. As a horse person, I'm laughing at the car horse head. What makes it even funnier is the fact that horses get used to cars and really don't mind them once they've realised that they don't actually eat horses.

  4. In chinese culture some numbers are considered lucky and unlucky. Like 8 means luck and 48 means die lucky but 14 means sure die. In singapore, the gov actually auctions licences plate numbers and the car tax which is currently USD$75k+ only lasts 20 years. We very rarely have manual cars cause its crazy to pay tax for an old car. But that means all the nice ones are sold overseas would be cool if you guys looked into what happens to those cars. Thanks for the vids 🫰

  5. Can you imagine being a police officer having to go to someone's house to explain to them their spouse was killed by a driver who was distracted because they were wiping their ass.

  6. One time in Minecraft I built a solid gold car with a divider and wanted to know how to sell that idea to Honda for their Honda Odyssey.

  7. The Horsely Horse was a great concept. But the company didn't realize that a horse doesn't just see a physical body. They can see the soul and so it's like a dead horse coming at them.

  8. 5:31
    I am allergic to plenty of things so I wish people would listen to me when I said that I shouldn’t be around those types of chemicals…

    even our soap is moderate! So I saw this one coming from the beginning and I’m glad that these don’t seem to exist anymore.

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