Ultimate Motorcycle High-Speed Crash! | CrashBanditoNL

Ultimate Motorcycle High-Speed Crash! | CrashBanditoNL
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In the educational motorcycle crash video, a girl was riding her motorcycle when she suddenly fell. Despite the fall, fortunately, she managed to escape any significant injuries and was okay. This incident serves as a valuable educational example, highlighting the importance of wearing proper safety gear and being cautious while riding motorcycles. It emphasizes that even minor accidents can occur and emphasizes the need for riders to prioritize their safety at all times.
Educational commentary by CrashBanditoNL.

00:00 – Girl Crashes Her New Bike – @ryeunn
00:33 – Biker Caught a Wobble – @Brindle_88
01:09 – Crash at 70 Km/h – @Deepsbiker
01:37 – Biker vs Hillbilly – @adventuresportsirelandfknz6589
02:06 – Random No Credits –
02:40 – Angry Angel – @angelornot720
03:20 – Crash with Alto – @thesirmauri
04:21 – Huge Karen – @Geckotan
04:55 – Newly bought Bike Destroyed – @MotoSnowVlogs

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  1. 2:42 Nah, the biker was in the wrong with this one. The dude had enough of length to change lanes and added to that the biker harasses the dude instead of paying attention to the road.

  2. 99.9 percent of the time when I see a biker on a public Street he or she is speeding and darting in and out of traffic. Not using their signal lights and going in between cars or trucks. And when they get into an accident their quick to blame someone else.

  3. The cop broke the law by making the guy show him his license the biker was right he was had no responsibility to show the officer anything. The officer infringed on that bikers freedoms protected.

  4. 3.20 you are TOO FAST every time mate! That is a small road dont be surprised if somebody turns to you, you had 50 meters to stop but you couldnt

  5. USA is just a shithole country when it comes to driving, especially bikers. None of these bikers would be allowed to drive in a western european country…

  6. Crazy they took her bike away, i Got pulled without motorcycle license and registration, it was only 300$ citation and i had to push my bike home. Guess i got off easy

  7. I swear to god, that cop really annoying,he really try to get some catch that day, I hate these type of cop man.. If there are 10 cars pull over to help or just look at the accident, does 10 car got to pull out their licences tooo?? Fckkk !!

  8. Not involved but he's with her, no? She has no documents, no registration and she "tried to catch up" – of course he has to show ID, he might be suspicious at this point too XD

  9. If punching that hillbilly wasn't staged, that biker just earned him a charge of assault. It's assault because the other dude legit was just talking, if it was because of his hand gestures then I guess it could be justified if the man was causing fear and making him feel threatened, but if it was just for no reason, that's a sure fine way of getting arrested. It's probably staged, but I'm just saying, that would be assault.

  10. Why do so many of these talk about how the vehicle could've prevented the crash but never about how the biker could've not been speeding and the crash would've never happened

  11. Ngl the thumbnail made it look like her head had been crushed by the car my first thought was damn this should be on liveleak not youtube

  12. Bro the lady of first video just dont giving a shit about the girl and analyzing if her car was damaged, what a punch on the face she deserves

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