The Grim Fate Of An Old Dog On Street, People Pass By, None Cares

The Grim Fate Of An Old Dog On Street, People Pass By, None Cares
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  1. Bad peoples don't care I feel so sad you getty late but than you do much for try to save God bless girl four try poor dog girl. God see the cruelty is the peoples don't care😮

  2. Io spero che il mostro a fatto questo gesto e che stia guardando 😢 adesso lui e felice la su 🌈🐕‍🦺con tanti fratellini e spero che il mostro si troverà con una qualche malattia grave e che non su possa fare nulla spero che soffra tanto quanto a fatto a questo cucciolo 😢

  3. Thank you to the one person who gave this poor baby a few moments of what it was like to have someone to love you. This saddens me that people didnt even stop to check on it. So sorry baby. Your are in tender and loving hands now

  4. Terrible!!!! to leave an OLD dog in that state!!!! May who did this will be paid back somehow!!! Heartless!!!! And thanks and God Bless for your help!!!💯👍👍🙏🙏🧡💙💚♥️

  5. Oh my gosh.. thank you for letting this poor dog know that she was loved at thr end and didn't die alone in the cold..😢

  6. i cannot imagine why no one bothered to help her…we live in a very very bad cruel world…sorry baby the human kind failed you…..words cannot express my grief…..

  7. Happy u did this and we all should and I hope everyone here does when faced with this. But what a SAD VIDEO. I don't want to see this and be sad.

  8. Don't worry now this beautiful pup is in Heaven running around in beautiful fields of flowers and tons of grass. She's up there with my pups

  9. She had an angel holding her as she passed… which made her know she WAS loved. ❤❤❤
    She waited for you to be there ❤️

  10. 🇧🇬😂😘😍💥💎😙🤗🤣🤗💖😗💥💋🤗💞

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