NYPD SUV tries to knock rider off moped in terrifying caught-on-video traffic incident | NY Post

NYPD SUV tries to knock rider off moped in terrifying caught-on-video traffic incident | NY Post
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A shocking Reddit video shows an NYPD SUV swerving around a Queens highway, apparently trying to ram a moped rider and knock them off their vehicle in the middle of traffic.

The 39-second clip, taken by the occupants of a car just behind the officer and posted Wednesday by a Redditor named MelBloccs, captured the SUV attempting to box in the moped by pushing it toward a cement divider on what appears to be the Van Wyck Expressway.

When the moped slowed down and cut back across the lanes, the SUV banked hard and nearly hit the rider again.

The car’s occupants expressed their shock at the cop’s behavior, saying, “Look at this guy – look at him! Oh my god, he’s trying to hit him!”

They also called 311 to report the officer’s behavior and list out his license plate.

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  1. "It is under internal review." So it means most likely nothing gonna happen. They really need to have independent agencies that investigate police officers.

  2. Why don't you explain why the officers are doing that? Instead of trying to get ppl worked up here? I'm sure that guy on the bike ain't just a decent guy going about his way in his hardworking day here.

  3. Illegals from Venezuela on mopeds in Florida as well… riding with no lights, no following driving rules. It's unbelievable

  4. These scooters don't have any insurance and aren't even registered they shouldn't be on a highway they're a huge problem on NYC roads. Thanks to that cop who made him exit the highway safely 👍

  5. Real Taxpayers Expect The NYPD To Serve and Protect , Let’s Get These People off The Roads
    Don’t Get Involved In Police Business Keep Back

  6. He was probably on his way to commit a crime on that moped. Should have slammed him against the wall.

  7. Guess folks here never saw any videos of the Arkansas State Police pitting motorcycle riders off their bikes at 80 miles an hour…..

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