Abandoned Puppies Are Desperate For Their Trapped Mother | Animal Rescue | Pets & Vets

Abandoned Puppies Are Desperate For Their Trapped Mother | Animal Rescue | Pets & Vets
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This week on Animal Rescue, an animal hoarder’s house is in complete chaos, with angry cats all over the place and the stench of ammonia from the litter boxes, these animals need to get out of there and fast. A mother dog has seven puppies depending on her, and the vets are doing everything they can to make sure she stays with us.

From wounded pelicans to horses in jeopardy, Australia’s RSPCA are here to do everything they can to save the day. With amazing stories of bravery, empathy and courage, Animal Rescue is is unlike anything you’ve seen.

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  1. You all need to develope a foster network to take in neonate kittens and puppy. The Utah Human Society has a kitten nursery to handle kittens that need bottle feeding. They have an army of volunteers. They have saved thousands neonate kittens this way. Donations help get animals medical care.

  2. How sad you would kill the mama and all the puppies if mama fails the test. HOW CRUEL! A dogs demeanor is all in how it is raised. So even if mama has some issues that does NOT mean the puppies will. I have noticed they kill a lot of dogs in the UK Guess its easier to kill them than to train them. Just as I said, they are going to kill every one of those cats. SMH.

  3. We had lots of horses. If the horse has cancer they can look like that no matter what you feed them, but if the horse cannot find food, or cannot chew, that is abuse.

  4. A simple round of antibiotics and flea treatment and all of them would have been fine! They lied through their teeth about them being unhealthy!!!!

  5. So they killed the 20 cats, because they needed a bit of medical help and would have killed Momma dog and puppies, when she would have needed training??? Please fund your animal shelters better down there, if that's all you can afford!!!

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