"Cheating and STILL losing" | Weekly Compilation

"Cheating and STILL losing" | Weekly Compilation
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Another dose of weekly highlights, this time featuring what is probably the worst cheater in Dead by Daylight history. And some other moments of lesser karmic justice too, I guess.

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  1. “Why do cheaters always bring mcmillan” I used to cheat so I can explain this. There’s a teleport to gen keybind, as well as the insta complete setting. When holding down the teleport button and the interact button at the same time, it will rapid teleport you to a gen, you’ll tap it an insta complete it, then teleport to the next. On any map with a height difference in gens (The game, rpd, red forest, etc) when teleporting to a gen with a height difference, it will teleport you slightly above the gen, or on the wrong side of it, and it will keep teleporting you to the same gen over and over again since you cannot reach the gen to complete it instantly without stopping and doing it manually for a second. Macmillan has for the most part very flat gens and maps and therefore makes it easiest for this.

  2. That dbd dating sim feels like a fan game, but somehow it’s not

    (Just imagine the Shirtless myers tho, lol. He isn’t in the game cuz everybody would nut)

  3. 6:50 I was wondering the same thing, that happened to me twice last night & both times they use that offering and had no perks

    And both times it was a Dwight named “Buggin”

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