Beef Fight Solved in the Scapyard!

Beef Fight Solved in the Scapyard!
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Simo vs Too Explosive

Quality Backyard MMA, Boxing, BJJ and Kickboxing – hosted by Firechicken Best Fights of 2022 Len B Hicks Manager of Team Peixotto Revival Drip – Gig Harbor Washington
�IV Hydration and Vitamin Infusions
�Booster Shots
�NAD+ Reverse Aging Therapy
�Board Certified DNAP, CRNA, APRN

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Join this channel to get access to All the fights the day after the recording, monthly. 2.99 early access gets you all the raw footage the next day! INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK PAGE: DO YOU WANT TO FIGHT??? join our Facebook or IG and contact us. OR email us
OUR MATCHES ARE 100% LEGAL. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE 18 OR OLDER. Welcome to the Scrapyard! We are a LEGAL backyard Fight organization Located in the Pacific Northwest. We Are a Branch of the largest fight organization in the country, STREETBEEFS. The Scrapyard was created in 2020 by “Firechicken”, a former Amateur MMA fighter, Wrestling coach, and Boxer. The main branch of STREETBEEFS was created in 2008 by Chris Wilmore aka Scarface. Streetbeefs as a concept was created in order to stop street violence with it’s “Guns down, Gloves up” movement. The Scrapyard holds monthly fights in our Pacific northwest location. No money is involved in any way, we do not pay fighters or charge any sort of admission to our events. We aim to give people a place to start their combat sports journey, meet people, solve beefs, or just test out their abilities. We do all our match making and signups on facebook here – or by Email @turning the tables #Boxing #streetbeefs #mma #street beefs #backyardboxing#combatsports #fights #streetfights #highschoolfights #hoodfights #fire chicken #headkick #fightsatschool #ghettofights #streetfight #fighting #fightschool #sssniperwolf #knockout #jakepaul #mrbeast #hoodfight #knockoutfights #fight #knockouts #UFC #pat mcafee #espn #agent00 #southpay #Kingofthestreets #KOTS #gash #Scarface #SOLO #jgottem #firechicken #earthling7 #Street Beef #babyhulk #beach #shinigami #bellator ALL STREETBEEFS MATCHES ARE AMATEUR EXHIBITIONS


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  1. Why post this supposed "Beef Fight"? They basically hugged on the ground the whole time. Even when standing they didn't throw any punches. They was so mad at each other instead of punching or kicking they took out their anger with a bro hug. Waste of 8:21. I normally enjoy all the Streetbeefs channels and different styles of fighting but this one was just weak af.

  2. I thought beef rounds were until someone gives? Maybe that was a special beef they went like 4 or 5 rounds. Great fight from both though.

  3. Skip to any point in the video and it was the same image, same dude on his back tied up with his opp. Snoozefest. They should have boxed.

  4. single handely the worst fight on youtube, i thought they had beef but looks like to me thye just wanted to hump each other on thr ground for 3 rounds

  5. The only thing I hate about MMA is the submission crap. It’s just not fighting. Wrestling is only fun with folding chairs. Dude in the yellow striped shorts has missed some good shots. I’m not saying these gents ain’t fighters but bill the fight as boxing or kickboxing and get on it.

  6. Too Explosive? Bad name. Maybe a Matt or Rustle, cuz all you did was shoot for a take down. Just didn't feel like there was any real beef.

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