Robert Irwin and Team Help Save a Bleeding Snake! | Crikey! It's the Irwins

Robert Irwin and Team Help Save a Bleeding Snake! | Crikey! It's the Irwins
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  1. As a reptile lover, can we just make asphalt places just for them to bask away from the road. That poor snake it always breaks my heart to see that. I’m happy they were able to help at least one snake. Man roads are such death traps for animals it’s very sad to see.

  2. I'm a few years older than Robert, and I remember hearing when his Dad, Steve, died when I was a kid. It broke my heart and I cried so hard. It was the first time I ever experienced any sort of real grief.

    But I can't describe the joy of seeing Robert following in his Dad's footsteps. Steve is gone, but we still get to see him every day, through Robert. He's a spitting image!

    I just wish Steve could have seen the man his son became one time. He would be so proud!

    Love you, Irwin family! R.I.P. Steve Irwin ❤

  3. Nice save 😅 Molly is a lucky girl and, for being caught, put in a bag, transported to the vet, poked and prodded then kept overnight demonstrated minimal defensive behavior. In fact she was a sweetheart! Carport pythons bred in captivity here in the US have shown incredible intelligence and the capacity to calm their minds and go into a thinking mode. At some level Molly knew she was being helped 🙂🙂

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