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  1. I've been watching a lot of "why X geography is terrible etc" It's always filled with interesting info and even the comments section has really deep insights. My question is: how do you guys know all this stuff; like what subject does this fall under? I doubt you study things like this in geography class at school or university, even human geography. So what does this fall under? Is this what "geopolitics" is? Or does is it one of the newer subjects like "security studies". I've become so interested in these kinds of videos that I kinda want to study it formally from a book, but I literally don't know what kind of book to buy. I have no idea what this content falls under! Thanks for your help.

  2. For those who are wondering what the messaage at 7:10 actually says:

    "Missile passing. Missile passing. There has been signs of a missile passing in the airspace of this region just now. Should you encounter a suspicious object, please do not by any means approach it and inform the police or fire department immediately."

    No mention of North Korea, but it still proves the point.

  3. "Why Japan's Geography Is Absolutely Terrible"
    Kublai Khan whose army suffered heavy losses twice by typhoons when attempts to conquer Japan: A G R E E!

  4. The always thought the Japanese were so OP that God had to put them on a shitty island with almost no resources or they would've taken over the world.

  5. 6:29 this map of Shinkansen is not complete. The Tohoku line goes to Aomori, it doesn't stop at Hachinohe, and there's another Shinkansen from Aomori to Sapporo in Hokkaido.

  6. What I can say from me as a Japanese is that your country is loved by God.

    Japan has earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, heavy rains, heavy snow, and high humidity. The combination of climate change, summer and humidity is so hell.

    And since we have no resources such as fossil fuels and precious metals and are almost mountains, there are few flatlands. It is not suitable for large-scale agriculture, so the price is inevitably high when producing food. Also, the area of ​​a house is small and the price tends to be high. Due to the high population density, it needs to be quiet and feels closed.

    Japan's economy is bad due to the declining population and the global economy, and the birth rate is low, so the population will continue to decline. The working environment has an atmosphere of improvement, but it is still difficult. Therefore, the power of my country will decrease steadily. Moreover, since the neighboring countries are militaristic and many have nuclear weapons, there is also a military danger.

    As a reminder, I haven't given up on Japan's future.

  7. didn’t know house value decreases due to strict building laws…i thought it was because of the decrease in rural population

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