GHOST HUNTING in HAUNTED FOREST at 3AM! (Warning: Incredibly Scary)

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50,000 LIKES & WE’LL POST PART 2! In the more infamous part of the forest!

This Episode: We took a last minute trip to do some ghost hunting in one of the most scary places in Brisbane Australia. Apparently we were a magnet for activity & caught a ton of EVPs & so on.

Thanks to HAUNTED DOWN UNDER for taking us to do this!


HEATH HUSSAR – IG @HeathHussar


CORBIN REINHARDT – IG @CorbinReinhardt

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GHOST HUNTING in HAUNTED FOREST at 3AM! (Warning: Incredibly Scary)



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  1. It seems the whole team is for an outing in forest just for entertainment . The actual ghost hunting team dont gossip like this. Focus on your task for extra likes as per the title mentioned in your videos rather boring the viewers

  2. I know I can find ghost easily in my area or inside of our zoo is scarry at night as a zookeeper was killed by a Rhino and the ghost is waving you to come ! The aquarium there is also scarry and so are the lake with a flying ghost.
    At outside, sometimes , normally after a light drizzle usually on Thursday night, you can see a family of 4 headless ghost walk by. They lost their heads during the ruthless Japanese invasion. Of there's a well inside the house or a underground river, the house will be trouble !

  3. Noisy ghost seekers. If this is inside Malaysian Forrest , one of you will simply disappear if brag endlessly. The jungle is much more worst.
    No need to go into some Forrest to seek ghost experience. Just find a bridge over a stream in an isolated , preferably in a hilly area, ghost loves bridge with streams. It's a plus if there's an old cemetery or an abandoned building.
    I met ghosts many times, even in daylights. Anyway, got an old cemetery across the road in front of my house. Sometimes they do stop over for a while ! It's usual. There's a ghost road on one side of my house. Get a goose bumps if I walked at 1 or 3am. But nothing happens on the other side of the house. You'll get used to it….😱😁😁😁

  4. Someone scale this videos reality like I can also whisper in to the phone and I'll say that someone is talking to me.
    Also rating scale 0/10

  5. Oooh… Big Surprise…
    33 minutes of nothing happening and a bunch of idiots pissing their pants over a radio with a broken diel…

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