Hundreds of thousands evacuated as floods ravage southern China – BBC News

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Hundreds of thousands of people in China have been evacuated in several southern and eastern provinces after unrelenting rains caused floods and triggered landslides.

Two provinces upgraded flood warnings on Tuesday as rivers overflowed and floodwater levels broke a 50-year high.

Videos on state media show cars being washed down streets, and people being rescued by ropes across swollen rivers.

The area is seeing its highest rainfall since 1961, weather officials say.

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  1. Look up the "Dalton" Solar Minimum and compare.
    We are in one. The world will become colder and wetter with erratic weather conditions as shown by the steep meridianol movements that historically evidence solar minimums. Human carbon emissions have no effect on this.

  2. any changes in 3 Gorges Dam?
    any satellite pics?
    there is no "local" engineering solution"
    there is NO GLOBAL engineering solution
    tell me how to re-freeze Antarctica-
    easy peasy just have CCP lie about it . . .

  3. The only time climate change is being talked about is when it gets hot or warm out this is nothing but a bunch of nonsense there is no climate change of course the summer gets hot and other years it's even hotter it's just rains and floods but China lets their floods begin with their dams by building them up and then releasing the water and then flooding everybody out it's nothing but a lie in China is killing their own people this is nothing but agenda 21 to depopulate the people especially in China China's president back in 2020 said on TV live in October November and December that they need to depopulate $500 million people cuz they have too many people this was said on national TV in China so the floods and depopulating people with the covid-19 which is another lie and don't forget to organ harvesting and people missing in China and Russia's trying to depopulate the people in Ukraine it's all part of agenda 21 and HR 666 and the United Nations is also involved with depopulating the people it's on the Georgia headstones in Georgia USA written in stone in every language that they only want 500 million people in the world to control the people it's all true the governments of the world don't care about life about people only about themselves…

  4. One thing we all have in common throughout the world are the brave rescue workers, doing their best to help others at great personal risk. Thank you one and all!

  5. would not suprise me that soon the people have enough of politics because climate change is more important … people want to see what is truly done for the earth and what presidant can make a change! No war , no capitalism comes first only the climate. Without the earth we can not be alive.

  6. Because China hates India's mission to SAVE SOIL. Hello rain machine technology, oh no more soil, better embrace robot farming 🤬🤡🌎

  7. Is not like that, it’s the punishment for Allaah because you are killing the your Chinees Muslim people who live a part of China?!
    Get the picture and stop killing for innocent people if you want everything a great for you!

  8. When God begins to revenge, no one can stop His anger.. Ukraine people died like there was no human, but it reminds me the time of Noah!

  9. News is just reporting on stuff more that is why it seems more crazy. We never used to report of global issues like we do today because our lives were not affected. With globalization comes global news which then gives the effect of an increase in disasters. This flooding is due to dams China built not global warming. Stop being a globalists puppet and actually show why these regions were flooded. CCP directed water away from there more economically valuable cities and dumped it into the smaller villages.

  10. :Mr Xi .JP, Yr international Respect Vanish, Those black Gang are disgrace to all Chinese, Mang Meng Zhao Zhan, change the BLACK to White😅😡Bao Zhen

  11. I would like an Update on the water levels around the world? Have they gone up? Or what, what's going on around this and also an Update on ice levels and when it's winter doesn't it just freeze back to ice and how these 2 things are changing over time and the effects they both have together? Please Do Updated Video BBC News😁🇬🇧👍🏻

  12. No mercy. China is one of the worst with destroying the enviroment.. China ignored the enviroment desaster for to long – now they put on a show with spending money into green energy…its just to late. So…stop winning and enjoy living with clima change. Be happy China – things will be much more worth in future for you and the Planet!!!

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