Trail Cam Video Footage 7 Weeks of Jungle Animals ~ Monkeys and Friends

Trail Cam Video Footage 7 Weeks of Jungle Animals ~ Monkeys and Friends
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Trail cam video footage seven weeks of jungle animals: monkeys and friends.
Trail camera pickup video of jungle animals like monkeys, from rain forest habitats like on national geographic. Trail cameras are often used in deer hunting, but we use them for wildlife monitoring. Seven weeks trail cam video compilation (not as long as the tree for a year video) featuring a Monkey, Ocelots, and Margay Cats in the jungle near Golfito, Costa Rica. We used mostly Browning and Bushnell trail cameras for the trail camera videos of jungle animals. A true trail camera pickup! There are no dinosaurs in this video.

Use the Closed Caption (CC) function under the video to have the animals’ names come up in the video…or see the list in the pinned comment. Let me know if you like the CC method better than listing them in the pinned comment.
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See more cool critters on our trail cameras:

In addition to the cats and monkeys, other animals in the video are Curassows, Tayra, Coati, Thank you for watching.

See you soon… from the rainforest!
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  1. I have some questions. How often do monkeys descend to the floor? I was under the impression that new world monkey spend 99% of their time in the trees so was surprised to see many shots of them on the ground. Second, I’m surprised by lack of peccaries, tapirs and even the elusive Jaguar. Any thoughts as to why you never got vids of those animals?

  2. Wat fijn om dit te zien. Ik ben zo veel in die buurt geweest, namelijk Caille Pavones. Ik had ook een miereneter in de tuin ( in de boom). Het is er zo prachtig. Dank voor de mooie beelden!

  3. I am from Costa Rica but live in Vancouver Canada. I want to say that I am very happy to see many Anteaters in the video. Costa Rican people care for nature but they also have this stupid idea that they think that Anteaters attack or kill dogs and this why Costa Ricans kill and attack Anteaters :). Very sad but I think we are changing this idea about anteaters 🙂

  4. Wow, you got some fanTAStic behavior there. I love seeing all the night-time action especially–course, the color footage is great too! I really like the CC titles, which I can turn on after I watch it once for my own Id-ing skills. Golfito is my favorite place! I was supposed to go in May…

  5. Here are the animals in order of appearance…also available through CC -Closed Captions.:
    White Nosed Coati-Pizote
    Capuchin Monkey-Mono Cara Blanca
    Great Curassows-Pavas
    Northern Tamandua Anteater-Oso Hormiguera
    Ocelot-Mani Gordo
    Common Opossum-Zorro comun
    Timamous-Gallena de Monte
    Curassows with Tiger Heron- Guarza
    Brown Basilisk Lizard-Basilisco
    Dragonfly–Libélula 😁

  6. Love the great shots! My CC doesn’t work on my old iPad so I would appreciate a list of the animals in your description. Thanks for the view of nature 🇨🇦

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