Man Rescues Sea Turtle Stuck In PLASTIC LOOP (ANIMAL RESCUE)

Man Rescues Sea Turtle Stuck In PLASTIC LOOP (ANIMAL RESCUE)
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Man Rescues Sea Turtle Stuck In PLASTIC LOOP (ANIMAL RESCUE)

ONSCREEN CREDIT – @danielthomasbrowne

A man rescued a sea turtle that was being ‘strangled’ by a plastic loop. Sophie Browne filmed the moment her brother Daniel Browne rescued a hawksbill sea turtle that had a plastic loop stuck around its neck, on a beach in Exmouth, Australia. Daniel used a pair of scissors to cut the loop and remove it from around the turtle’s neck. Daniel said: “This was an endangered hawksbill turtle, not only is she missing her front left flipper but she is being slowly strangled because of how some of us deal with our waste! Driving from Perth to Exmouth, the side of the road is covered in all kinds of rubbish. How much of that makes it to the ocean? This makes me sick.”

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