Top 5 SCARY Ghost Videos To SCARE you SENSELESS

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Nukes Top 5 SCARY videos of GHOSTS caught on camera ! Scary ghosts, creepy apparitions, poltergeists, SCARY tiktok videos, AND ghost hunters investigating HAUNTED houses. As always, we check out the full list of paranormal activity, including evps, poltergeists, and the bizarre and supernatural in some of the creepiest scary videos on the internet.

A Japanese ghost hunter catches poltergeist activity and a full-bodied apparition. In a paranormal investigation, ghost hunters “The Fourman Brothers” find some very creepy and compelling supernatural evidence, with some crazy evp s and ghost video. Some scary tiktok ghost videos where a mom experiences paranormal activity in her haunted house. A creepy ghost caught on CCTV. And an Indonesian ghost hunter films shadow figures in a strange supernatural investigation.

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  1. the lady with the colonial farms house with the weird screams and poltergeist activity should dredge the pond on her land if she's seeing a bald man walk in and out of it…

  2. @3:35.
    Turn the phone into the police. That could be the missing piece in a murder. That spirit wanted that phone found. I PROMISE YOU that memory is still intact.

  3. my bestfriend and i used to watch nuke every upload, we enjoyed the thrill and scare but now she does not talk to me anymore hope she still watch nuke

  4. I think someone was murdered and the spirit show the boy the phone.. If it was me i would have taken it straight to the police.. Thanx for an amazing video. Love from South Africa😍Stella

  5. 3) I'd say the little boy was instructed by something to dig up the phone. Monique could have taken the card out of the phone and checked it out, or taken it to the cops. Could belong to a missing person.
    4) Sounded like someone said a two syllable word or two words, not one. But someone definitely said something….
    5) Jen's home needs an Exorcist. That's the only way to continue to live there spook/demon free.
    7) No way I would go by myself on an investigation just for this very reason. Or should I say…reasons. The hospital is FULL of paranormal.
    Very bizarre and creepy videos. Thanks for the 10 chillfactor….. Can't wait to see what you have next!
    Peace and Love…..

  6. Her number one at the Phantom they can take the forms of anybody they see and hear they mimic everything they're not just demons they're the darkest demons that were once the brightest

  7. The first video has happened to me and my mom and ex aunt. My little brother who at the time was like 3 or 4 I wasn't much older and he's was in the bath talking in a drain in the bathtub ,but me my mom and aunt kept seeing the top of a little boys head popping around and above the couch. We thought it was him running in and out playing.. but my mom kept checking him and he was still in there.. then we seen it again a few mins later and heard him laughing and it darted down the hall.. and my brother was still playing in the bath…..

  8. Jberari seems to have woke someone with an old secret. It would seem the female spirit has killed someone possibly her husband or maybe he killed her . Maybe that was the bald man coming out of the pond. I also would like to point out that while the spirit seems to stagger or limp, at the end it seems to collapse as if poisoned. It could also be dragging something behind it. This could also be reversed and the man killed her .Either way the spirits are desperately trying to keep something hidden or brought to light

  9. Video #2 with Meguroh (idk if I spelled that right.) The fact that a dark figure would follow him in every place he was after turning off the light. Brrrrruh 👀

  10. What if the phone was that of a murdered or kidnapped person from that park and you just threw it out wtf you may be able to help someone if not just return the phone

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