Final Fight of the Lion King | Epic Lion Battle | Wildest Animal Fights

Final Fight of the Lion King | Epic Lion Battle | Wildest Animal Fights
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Deadly Lion fight for territory young male lions refuse to give up their kingdom and the Old Lion kings pay dearly for trying to claim land that does not belong to them. Filmed at Kambaku River Lodge, Kruger National Park.

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  1. It's a shame he didn't a couple fatal bites off on one to even the score, the animal kingdom is unfair.
    It's a shame his sibling left him to die.

  2. Unfortunate for the Lion male life is cruel…..a young male will leave pride by 2-3 years, live on own til about 5-7 take over a pride and only rule until 10-11 years old…..He may be killed by pride females, or by rivals….So this is why males often work in bands, which are often times related brothers.

  3. I’m sure in his prime he would have destroyed both those young bucks. They had s hard enough time with him in his twilight years . He was a true king of his domain. RIP king.

  4. Nature at it most primal level.
    Nature's way of ensuring that only the fittest genes are utilised in advancing future generations of the species. Nature red of claw and fang. Dreadful agony, so painful to watch.

  5. Ami no Megusta qué estén grabando cuando ellos pudieron aser algo para poder defender los ataques de los leonés jóvenes eso se llama espectáculo no Megusta jente que grava esos videos

  6. These two were not as aggressive as Mr T and his teammates. They harmed the dominant Lion enough to kill him then let the wounds do the killing. I can see why you wouldn’t want to get maimed trying to take a spot, you won’t last long.

  7. Understanding that this is the way lions operate, I can't stand behind the theory that we as humans just sit by and watch as an animal gets destroyed because of territory. If we as humans have the right to destroy this world then we surely have the right to intervene and save it.

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