What If You Fell Into Lake Nyos?

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This dangerous lake in Cameroon, Africa could turn you into a human Diet Coke and Mentos experiment! Lake Nyos, located over a volcanic crater, releases deadly level of carbon dioxide. What is a limnic eruption and how could Lake Nyos cause one? Find out why Lake Nyos should not be your next vacation spot.

Transcript and sources: https://whatifshow.com/what-if-you-fell-into-lake-nyos/

00:00 Lake Nyos
01:02 Carbon dioxide
01:30 Limnic eruption
01:59 Falling in
02:36 Gas cloud

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  1. What if a white hole entered the solar system? Im genuinely curious to see what kind of destruction it could wreak, well as accurately as possible anyway haha would be a bit mad if one did just appear and shove us around or obliterate us altogether 🙂

  2. Man This Channel Teaches me More than My Computer My School and My Teacher I think This is My Dictionary Channel For Notes on my Hard History Tests In The Future Man I love this Channel since I was 2nd Grade now I'm 4th Grade this year I'm turning 5th Grade

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