Strange Animal Rescue Supposed to Be Jungle Cat | Wild Cat in Bangladesh

Strange Animal Rescue Supposed to Be Jungle Cat | Wild Cat in Bangladesh
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Strange Animal Rescue Supposed to Be Jungle Cat | Wild Cat in Bangladesh

About the video:
We got information that some people found a strange animal baby which is unknown to them. The baby was abandoned by its parents. We reached the people and rescued it from them. The newborn baby was unfamiliar to us also. But we were sure it must not be pet cat or dog or fox baby. We thought it to be wild cat. It may be bon biral or baghdasha. This forest cat was very tiny. The people were unable to feed it something. We took it to our home tried to feed it milk and we were successful. Lastly; we left it to a mother pet cat in our house. The cat took it cordially and started to feed the baby her milk. We hope that the baby will survive. We will try to inform you its update regularly.

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About the Channel:
This is the official Channel of Tareque Imtiaze; a Freelancer Journalist; and an Animal Vlogger; Animal Rescuer; graduated from the University of Dhaka at Mass Communication & Journalism.

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About the Author: Tareque Imtiaze


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