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  1. Thanks for the collab Let's Read! I can be followed @KUrbzVO on Twitter! Be sure to subscribe to Let's Read for premium, audio horror entertainment!

  2. You post 3 days a week?! I’ve been requiring stories to sleep for a long time now due to trauma and bad memories that, of course, surface the moment I become still and for whatever reason, it’s scary stories that help the most. But I’ve yet to find the perfect “reader,” they’re always voices I don’t particularly love, aren’t the best at reading, read too fast, etc…but perfection has been found! And you post frequently too! I don’t know how I never found your channel before, it’s truly astonishing that I haven’t yet, but you’ve got a new (very grateful) sub.

  3. The story with the camper with a bad acid trip where Joel suddenly changes to a scary voice suddenly shook me up as I was almost falling asleep 😅😅😅

  4. The one about the guy who was driving in the backroads ACTUALLY scared me, because I know EXACTLY where OP is, and that’s where I’m going to college this fall😭😭

  5. The last story, the man doing the narration! 🫣😍 His voice 🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻 Great upload per usual 😍🙂

  6. I don’t get why they don’t kick people out who just stand around never buying anything either buy something or get out this isn’t a hang out it’s a business smh

  7. Let's Read!!!! this story it's mine lol I gotta story for ya
    I'm a 32 year old woman now but trn years ago I moved to Kansas a smallish town. I was working at a gas station night shift, one night a man walked in looked me up and down smiled and left. I figured ok he's drunk. So I went about my shift. Nights are boring. A few drunks between 11pm-330am. Nothing out of the ordinary. I clocked out at 5 (I forgot to mention this was in may so it was nice and dark. I drove home. When I got there nothing was out of order. Walked in went to get food when i heard a noise by my backdoor. It was windy out so I excused it. It's 530am it's morning I'm not worried. So I eat shower head to bed. Ten mins into my sleep I hear "you're even prettier without makeup" I shot outa bed went to the corner of my room. In the darkness the man from my job came out and again complimented me. I grabbed my bat and phone for 911. I threateningly told him to leave my residence now alive or later in a body bag (yeah thought I was tough" he smiled and said ok beautiful see you tomorrow. He proceeded to walk out my backdoor turn smile and said "I know where you work and live remember that" he left. I called the cops worthless call you have to be dead to be taken seriously. He left me roses by my backdoor for over a week. I moved back to my hometown a few weeks later after realizing I'm not gonna die just to see this guy get arrested. In the last ten years he's found me on social media etc now I'm invisible on everything. Its disturbing that one glance changed my life forever. And to Mr creepy guy I hope you get locked up before a young woman is murdered

  8. That girl who refused to drink her drugged drink? I love her fire and wish she had more confidence for herself! She was such a bad bitch in her story 💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼

  9. The 'Gary' story kind of just made me laugh thanks to having seen the Fallout 'Gary' vault, especially with the great delivery for the speech.

  10. I swear I have one of it not the scariest combat story which was against something that may or may not been alive or possibly a cryptid. This thing absorbed several 00Buck shot rounds and at least a few more 380 acp handgun rounds. He was feral/demonic/possessed. I'm a hunter and trained very well w weapons. Its crazy and idk what became of him. I need to know how to send the story in. I swear it's true. This is not for attention nor anything else of that manner. The 380 by itself should have ended him. But the shotgun w the 380 would be impossible to survive

  11. I really love that number one shows to people that you're going to be safer around responsible gun owners then you ever will with a psychotic person in a "gun free zone" wielding a machete, possibly a firearm. Criminals and crazies don't give 2 fucks about being in a gun free zone. I guess the point being that the responsible armed person is probably going to end up saving the day. Just a thought.😎 Also, keep on, Joel. You're getting close to that gold plaque! Much ♥️ everybody!😊

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