" Dadan Handi Mutton " | Sher Mutton Khate Hain – Kavi Ghas Nehi Khate Hai | Unlimited Rice 220 Rs/

" Dadan Handi Mutton " | Sher Mutton Khate Hain - Kavi Ghas Nehi Khate Hai | Unlimited Rice 220 Rs/
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” Dadan Handi Mutton ” | Sher Mutton Khate Hain – Kavi Ghas Nehi Khate Hai | Unlimited Rice 220 Rs/ .

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  1. Jo ghaas khata h ser nhi hote h jo moton khata h wohi ser hota h🤪. Kisne suna h ye dialogue? 😎😎.

  2. Public er samalochhona toder suntei hobe. Jemon kaj korbbi temoni result pabi. Ar public er poisai tora khea pore benchhe aschhis. Nahole anahare thake hoto. Are toder jali phutani to public eri poisai. Pete toder amon kono education nei je tora anno kichhu korbi. Ghamond nisna. Dube jabi.

  3. Tum sher nahi ho,, kyuki sher kachcha maans khata hai,,, tum bhi kachcha maanso khao, tab sher banoge.
    (( You are not Lion, coz Lion eats raw Meat,,, To be a Lion you should eat Raw Meat , ))

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    Eating show today was on another level! From the start my mouth was watering like rain in the monsoon season as your food was looking so yummy and delicious. 😂😂 Every bite you took was amazing 🤩🤩 Food looks stunning, awesome share 🙌🙌

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