There’s no such thing as a natural disaster

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Not a single disaster in the history of the world has been natural.
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~ chapters ~
0:00 a premise
0:19 why the phrase ‘natural disaster’ is unhelpful + some definitions
2:09 the catastrophe of hurricane maria
4:08 don’t let the bad guys hide behind language
4:44 ‘climate disaster’ has the same problems
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  1. This is so well put together. The fact that it only has 3k views in 6 months means they are intentionally NOT suggesting this video to viewers. Most likely b/c you bash the Gov so hard.

  2. Individuals, politicians and corporations all need to do more to protect the planet from Climate Change.
    Support environmentally friendly products and companies. Stop using fossil fuels. Stop using pesticides, add solar energy to your home or business, buy an electric vehicle, eat more fruit and vegetables and less meat and dairy, plant a tree, recycle everything. All new plastic products need to be made from 100% recycled materials. No single use plastic products should be made. Every adult and child should own a bicycle and ride it regularly. Donate to non profits fighting for a better future. Support and elect climate leaders. Every child should plant a tree, bush or flowers wiith a parent or teacher. It will help connect them to nature and the environment. .Leave a better future for your children and grandchildren. The sea should not be on fire. We must stop adding more fossil fuels to the CLIMATE FIRE.

  3. Climate Change is making weather events more extreme.
    We must stop adding more fossil fuels to the climate fire.
    India, China, Japan, US, Indonesia, Canada and Australia need to do more to reduce use of fossil fuels.
    They must stop building and financing more coal fossil fuels power plants.
    Time to go all in on wind and solar energy and electric vehicles.
    Fossil fuels are a bad investment for people and the planet.
    Investors are divesting from fossil fuels. ESG investing is growing.

  4. Whilst i'm all onboard with humans taking responsibility for climate change, there'll be those that take this to the extreme and use it as a justification to target the disabled, people in the queer community and other minority groups.

  5. Excellent video! This human-centric factor/distinction also comes with a great benefit: it gives us agency. We gain power. We gain control. Taking ownership allows us to become the drivers of it, in a way that 'natural disaster' doesn't and instead leaves us feeling at a loss, floundering, and at the mercy of the "unfair". If there's an earthquake that destroys our house, we can be stuck in a world of suck and the victim of bad luck, or we can remember that we chose to live here, in the hazard. We created the situation, we had that power! Which means we can create, guide, and control differently as well, going forward. And that holds true both for ourselves and our families and our communities and beyond — the systems and patterns and 'norms' we have in place all could be setting the stages for disaster, not to mention all of the above and our actions can certainly be increasing the hazards as well. If we want to feel strong (and be strong), taking ownership of it is the way to go. 🙂 Thank you!

  6. Well one thing I read out of all of this is that we, humankind, are not very keen to take responsibility for our wrongdoings and mistakes and our language reflect that.

  7. i think this is something super poorly understood in general. probably every disaster that has ever happened has had warning signs out there that someone, somewhere just completely ignored. great vid with great insight!

  8. were there not natural disasters before humanity? was it not a disaster if a big hurricane killed vast numbers of dinosaurs? Wouldn’t that be a natural disaster?

  9. "There is never one cause to a disaster." Agreed. "By its very definition disasters are about an interaction between a hazard and us." Agreed.
    However that does not mean there is no value in attempting to classify them. And the term "climate disaster" does not have to mean that "climate" is the cause. Plus "There is value in linking these recent disasters to climate change". So… The term is good!

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