14 Reasons Sun Bears Are Your New Favourite Animal | Bears About The House | BBC Earth

14 Reasons Sun Bears Are Your New Favourite Animal | Bears About The House | BBC Earth
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Did you knows sun bears are the smallest bears on the planet, but they have the longest tongue of any bear species! Here are 14 reasons why you’ll love sun bears.
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Extra content from Bears About The House
In this heartwarming and at times hard-hitting series, conservationist Giles Clark helps set up a bear rescue centre in South East Asia while rearing bear cubs of his own. Having previously raised endangered tigers and big cats in his family home, Giles travels to Laos in Asia, where sun and moon bears are under threat due to illegal bear bile farming. A pioneering wildlife rescue centre is being built, and Giles and his family move in next door to help. Alongside caring for a sun bear and two moon bear cubs at home, Giles rescues bears from all over the country, builds wild enclosures so liberated bears can live a natural life, and releases other rescued animals back to the wild. Will he manage to secure a free future for bears in Laos?

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  1. I should be the one to inform most of you that these are also THE most aggressive bear in the wild. They fight Siberian tigers and sometimes WIN.

  2. First fact in and it's already about the tongue

    Man we really just handing out ideas to furries looking for their new fursonas huh?

  3. The video forgot to mention, that they are also the most aggressive species of bears known to attack humans unprovoked and not much is known about them cause they're that rare.

  4. Sun Bear: endangered, not well known, but help replant forests and carve out homes for other animals
    Humanity: Let it die, let it die, let it shrivel up and die
    Giant Panda: Does nothing for the ecosystem, habitats are not threatened by destruction, and just suck at being bears.
    Humanity: oH nO wE gOtTa SaVe ThE pAnDaS

  5. The sun bear is known to be exceptionally aggressive and will attack without cause. Having such large canines, extremely strong jaws and long claws, it is said to be one of the most dangerous animals to encounter in the jungle.

  6. OMG! Cutness overload!! so so sweet!! I LOVE all bears …would never play favourites. They are all so unique and each is an individual no matter the species…How, or how can we restore their lost forests and protect the once still standing?? It needs strong laws, and strong governments which have to be ruthless and determine to protection of their National treasures…they belong to all of the humanity!….

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