What Happen! Python Attack Large Prey – Animal Fighting | ATP Earth

What Happen! Python Attack Large Prey - Animal Fighting | ATP Earth
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What Happen! Python Attack Large Prey – Animal Fighting | ATP Earth
Pythons are a family of non-venomous snakes found in Africa, Asia, and Australia. They are mostly ambush predators, they often lie motionless in one position, waiting for prey to pass and then attack by surprise. Let’s see how the Python will enjoy its prey

01:47 Python

03:54 Python swallows Sambar Deer
06:00 The Giant Python eats the Lord Crocodile
06:43 Python eats Deer fawn
07:55 Python attack Impala

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  2. Hyenas will attack snake 🐍 like this python for easy prey they show no fear wants the impala the pythons 🐍 hunt pig 🐖 and even larger deer 🦌 show no fear 😧 of larger prey

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