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Foley artists use objects to create sounds based on a character’s movements and interactions in movies and TV shows. Sometimes, they will find themselves making sounds for animals. Marko Costanzo is a veteran Foley artist for c5 Sound, Inc. He has who worked on movies like “Ice Age,” “Life of Pi,” and “True Grit.” Costanzo explained how complicated it was to make the sounds of a dragonfly flapping its wings in “Men in Black,” and how he captured the footsteps of a dog at different ages in “Marley & Me.” Then, we showed him an animal clip he has never seen before and had him come up with the proper sounds on the spot.

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How Animal Sounds Are Made For Movies And TV | Movies Insider


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  1. And today there we are today, where they are using the same 2 sounds again and again in shows and movies. Maybe from free sound sources in the internet? Seems, they all use the same? We have The horse noise 'neigh' 🐎. The bang for things blown up. 💥I hear always the same sounds in different shows over and over. 3 variations:🙂, 2 variants:😑, 1 variant over and over: why😩

  2. after seeing this i can't ever take nature documentaries as seriously. I realised that the cameras are usually much further away then they seem as to not disturb the animals, and that means there's no way to record their sound, so all sounds you hear are either made by a man in a garage or pre-recorded and chopped in (in case it's something a human can't reproduce)
    So every time I see some animals living their lives, i have the mental image of a dude and the various ways he might be creating these sounds

  3. I am bit confused about having to make sounds for a movie like marley… isnt the dog already making sounds anyways?

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