Are These Real Ghosts Caught on Camera? (Royal Marines Reacts)

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HERE WE GO! Are These Real Ghosts Caught on Camera?

Original Video (Are These Real Ghosts Caught on Camera?):

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  1. 1st Video: It's a bug. Video cameras, especially closed-circuit security cameras, have difficulty focusing on anything extremely close to the lens. This results in the object appearing blurry and transparent.
    2nd Video: Images will at times refract through a camera lens, especially if there's moisture on the lens. This can cause a 'ghost' image of objects to appear, especially ones that seem brighter than the surrounding environment, such as a white shirt like in this video.
    3rd Video: As is usual with ghost videos, more context would be helpful, such as what the weather was like when the footage was taken. In this case, with the rhythmic movement, it appears to be light reflecting off of an object being blown by wind and shining back up into the camera. The thing with motion trackers is they often can't tell the difference between what is an actual moving object and light moving across it's view. The 'reflection' people claim to see in the puddles on the ground looks to be blur created by the camera attempting to focus on something that isn't actually there. Also, the fact that there is standing water makes me think it's more likely to have been windy.
    4th Video: There is definitely something there in the tree. Whether it's just someone being weird, or actually a ghost I have no idea. Creepy none the less.
    5th Video: Kid fell, that's it. Watch her feet as she swings her arms. She lifts her heels for a moment, then rocks back from her toes onto her heels. While that's a simple motion, kids often don't have the best sense of balance. Hell, even adults often don't anticipate when their center of gravity is going to shift in some situations. It's actually very easy to make one small motion and send your center of gravity moving further than you expect. Once that happens, it's all too easy to send yourself falling back. As for the 'object', the video was shot in what looks to be poor lighting indoors. I'm surprised there aren't more blurry spots in the video.
    6th Video: The angle of the video makes it difficult to see if there's anyone else there who the hand would belong to. Granted, if there was someone there, the motion of the hand seems a bit off when it disappears behind the rim of the pool. Unfortunately there's no other shots that may tell who the hand belongs to.
    7th Video: Some more context would be nice, however, unless there's more evidence available, I can't really debunk or prove this one. Still creepy regardless.

  2. 7. 1/10 | It looks like a bug, just saying.
    6. 0/10 | Trick of camera, obviously not a ghost.
    5. 2/10 | Weird, nothing is obviously fake about it. If I had to guess, I'd assume it's a light anomaly of some sort, especially since it has a bit that fades off going straight down, a similar effect my glasses have when slightly greasy.
    4. 1/10 | Seems pretty easily faked. It could easily have been a friend or something, there's nothing paranormal about this. Even if you want to argue it was some sort of monster, it wasn't a ghost by any means.
    3. 0/10 | The stuff falling could easily have been dust or something. After babysitting my niece occasionally for the past few months, a kid falling like that is normal. It seems pretty obvious she just lost her balance, especially since it was right after she flung her hair back.
    2. 3/10 | Creepy. Could have been faked or be cgi, but it's not obvious.
    1. 1/10 | Way too easy to fake. The story is creepy, but like… that could have been fabricated, and it's simple enough that it would be pretty easy to do.

  3. Nahh ghosts don't exist imo when you die its like before you are born… absolute endless nothing with no passage of time or consciousness

  4. If you are looking for more "Ghost Related Channels" then I suggest Nuke's Top 5. He gets some of the creepiest ghost videos he can find and might make some compelling claims.

  5. I highly recomend extrordanary until proven otherwise by lemmino its an amazing video of the ufo videos realeased last year

  6. 1:26 i dont wanna be rude but thats litteraly just a fly too close to the camera, because the quality is so bad and the lens are focused so far away it looks like that.
    i had to look at security cameras in my first job and spiders usually make webs on the lens during the night (i can elaborate on that if anyone needs me to) and when it becames day, and the infrared lights turn off, the spider either disappear or, just like that, it bacomes a smudge on the screen or some kinda shape you can see through.
    its not like im skeptical but for anyone who had to deal with security cameras, especially outdoor ones, its so obviuos.

  7. I think the first one inside the school was probably a cobweb hanging from the camera. I don't even think apparitions can move like that anyways. I have seen something similar like this happen on other legitimate Paranormal shows, and they debunked it as a cobweb by getting on a ladder and checking it physically. Honestly the local ghost hunting team there was kind of dumb to not check for something like that.

  8. Did you ever do the Battlefield tour with the Corp? In 2009 we stayed in an old Chateau near dead mans corner in Normandy. Shot up with old bullet holes where American Paratroopers dropped in through the roof and all hell broke out apparently. There was some strange things going on there when we were there I'll tell ya!!

  9. The kid falling get's a solid 0/10, nothing suspicious about it at all. You can literally see her begin to tip backwards before loosing her balance and stumbling back as young kids do. Not even a hint of anyone being pushed or pulled here. This would have been dismissed immediately if it wasn't for that one coincidental smear that appears on screen just before, though that could quite easily be dust.

    As for that last one… a solid 8/10, that is certainly weird as heck. Would have been a 10 but the second they brought in a "psychic" I just rolled my eyes.

  10. Ah shit I didn’t even watch the vid before I commented . Asshole that I am. Slapped ham . Love that channel….or Chanel. I don’t fing know. Take care

  11. Nice video, the horror type of video’s are really fun to watch and although most of us are here for military content, something different is always nice. I’m looking forward to your try not to laugh videos. 😂

  12. hey man if you want some cool ghost videos check out the channel "Ghosts of Carmel Maine" i wouldn't be able to tell you if their fake or not but i enjoy watching them as the videos are very well done and in a lot of them we learn a more darker side of history of the places shown in the videos

  13. React to more ww2 stuff. Actually you should react to ww2 veterans telling their story. There's 2 about d'day and ik u love learning about it. its called memoirs of ww2.

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